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Cooler Master Universal Vertical Graphics Card Holder Kit V2 (PCIe3.0)

950,00 LE
799,00 LE

Model Number MCA-U000R-KFVK01
Available Color(s) Black
Dimensions (L x W x H) GFX Holder kit: 184 x 142 x 121mm / 7.25 x 5.59 x 4.77 inch (closed), Riser cable: 165mm (6.49in)
Supported Graphics Cards Any length, up to 2.5 slots wide
Riser Cable Model Riser Cable PCie 3.0 Ver.2
Compatibility PCIe 3.0
Certifications EMI, IPC4101D/21
Electronic Component Materials PCBA, Copper Wire 28 AWG, Copper Wire 30 AWG
Insulation Materials PE, TPE
Other Materials ABS, SPCC, SGCC Steel, Nickel, Gold, Brass
Required PCI slots 7 PCI slots are required for mounting
Warranty 1 year
Net Weight 0.41kg
Gross Weight 0.55kg
EAN Code 4719512103128
UPC Code 884102075438
Series Others
Note This product is only compatible for devices that support the PCI-E 3.0 specification. If you use this product with a motherboard that supports PCI-E 4.0, please enter into BIOS option and select PCI-E 3.0 before installation., The Vertical GPU Holder Kit V2 can also accommodate 3-slots GPUs but allows installation of only 2 screws out of 3