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KeyBoard Cooler Master CK320 CHERRY MX MECHANICAL

1700,00 EGP
Product Name Cooler Master CK320 CHERRY MX MECHANICAL
Product Number (XX for layout) CK-320-KKCL1-XX (CHERRY MX BLUE) -  CK-320-KKCR1-XX(CHERRY MX RED)
Switch  Type Cherry  MX Switch  (Blue / Red)
Material Plastic  / Metal
Color Black
LED Color White
Polling Rate 1000Hz
Response Rate 1ms
MCU 8-bit MCU with  EEPROM
On board  Memory 512KB
On-the-fly system Yes, for Multi-media,  Lighting control  and
Windows  shortcuts
Multi-media  Keys Through  Function Key (FN)
N-Key Rollover Yes
Connector Cable USB Type-C  (Keyboard  Side) USB 2.0 Type  A (Computer Side)
Cable Length 1.8m, Braided  & Removable
Dimensions 439.2 x 130.2 x 41.9 mm
Product Weight 1082g
(Without cable)
Warranty 2 years