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About us

It is pleasure to introduce our company's full style '' Delta Computer Supplies '' in order to know about our company activity to increase our agents from all the sectors.

A Great History Of Experience & Trust:

The experience is the exact example on we have achieved in 11 years ago from our history & we will do in the present time.

The company was established on an important principle which is respecting the agent trust and satisfy him which is done by the repetition & the agent's trust which we are proud of it (and this is the company capital).

The company considered specialist that own technical quality & highest financial that could save all the agent's needs from computer supplies & computer sets in any quantity all this for agents.

''Delta Computer Supplies'' considered the leadership in computer supplies & sets field.

We Offer

''Delta Computer Supplies'' offer its service on width level & great sector to agent from Cairo & Alexandria & it extant its net spread continuously.

The success of the company backs to the program which the depends on ''the customer services'' which focuses on the contact & communication with the customer after the selling.

Beside that the company adopts a group of many ways to develop & renew the selling skills on its sales representative by continuous training.

''Delta Computer Supplies'' Business Partner HP 2004/2005 also it has the HP trust & as a business partner to the products of HP. That means that all the products of HP are original 100% That leads no doubt & is considered as a factor to finish the commercial cheating problem.

This category clears that ''Delta Computer Supplies'' has a great position in computer supplies field & reflect. ''Delta Computer Supplies'' is remarked by its high quality & its low prices.

The company activity includes:

1- Supporting Ink Jet & Toner Laser Jet Printer ( with all trade markets).

2- Supplying Ribbon For Dot Matrix Printer.

3- Supplying Computers & Printers.

4- Supplying Computer's Accessories.

5- Supplying Data Storage ''Diskettes, CD Blank, DVD, Tape Backup''.

6- Supplying Computer's Paper For Printer Dot Matrix, Glossy Paper, Photo Paper, Transparency.